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Green Bay City Council votes against restricting dog leashes to six feet long

GREEN BAY, Wis. - On Tuesday, the Green Bay City Council voted against a new ordinance that would have required dog owners to keep their dogs on leashes no longer than six feet. 

The idea came up after a Green Bay resident complained to one of the city's committees of a dog that startled him after it ran up to him while on a long leash. He also said he sees dogs on long leashes running into homeowners' yard.

When the proposal for a six-foot leash restriction came up to City Council, Alderman Bill Galvin said an ordinance such as this one could easily cause problems between those who walk their dogs and those who don't want dogs near them, especially when it involves citations. 

Galvin said better public education could save a lot of trouble.

“I think officers taking a proactive approach...stop people, talk to them, give them a warning," Galvin said. "We could have public service material that could be given out at the vet’s offices or every year when they get their license, we could send them just a friendly letter just reminding them what their responsibilities are.”

One dog owner said she would change her leashes if the city required it, but her dogs would miss having more freedom with longer leashes

“I can’t keep up with him, he’s a lot quicker than I am, so to have that extra length gives him a little bit more freedom when we’re on our walks and I can still keep my pace and he can come and go as quickly or as slowly as he wants to, but I would miss it," Jennifer Swisher of Green Bay said.

Some cities in Northeast Wisconsin that do include leash length restrictions are Appleton, which has a limit of 8 feet, and Oshkosh, which has a limit of 6 feet. 


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