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Green Bay Considers Bike Sharing Program with LimeBike

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - UPDATE: May 15th, 7:50pm

The Green Bay City Council has unanimously voted yes to bring LimeBike to Green Bay.


City of Green Bay leaders are considering whether to partner with a company to launch a bike sharing program. As Kris Schuller reports the undertaking would offer users a quick way to get around and cost the city nothing. 

Talk to bicyclists like Tom Plog and he'll tell you more people than ever get around using a bike.

“Look at the number of cyclists out, the number of people riding now,” said Plog. 

He says it's a convenient way to travel. Now Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt would like to give more people a chance to ride a bike.

“We need a bike share program in Green Bay,” said Schmitt.

The city is proposing to enter an agreement with the company LimeBike - which would provide and manage a fleet of bikes equipped with GPS, for a dock less bike share program which lets people rent a bike to make short trips around the city. The cost would be $2 dollars an hour.

“The LimeBike organization manages everything, they supply us with the bikes, they supply the maintenance and they take care of the revenue,” said Schmitt.

Riders would use an app to locate and unlock a bike.  After a user is finished with their ride they simply lock it and leave it someplace where it isn't blocking a sidewalk, driveway, or crosswalk. 

“It has worked well in other cities our size, even smaller and something we're very committed to doing,” said the mayor.

But at this bike shop, the owner wonders if a program using docking stations for the bikes would be a better way to go. George Kapitz of Broken Spoke fears LimeBikes could end up scattered across the city.

“I personally have seen these bikes in Scottsdale, Arizona and they all seemed to end up in one spot. Almost seemed like too many bikes,” Kapitz said.

“These bikes are monitored, they have a GPS system,” Schmitt said.

The mayor says that means the problems the city had, with lost or damaged bikes in previous bike share programs, should be avoided.

“We've tried a couple things that haven't been successful, this seems very successful in other communities, something we’ re going to try here in Green Bay,” Schmitt said.

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