GREEN BAY, WI (WFRV) – When she gassed up her food truck to head out for the day, Rachelle O’Donnell-Lance couldn’t believe the price jump that happened overnight.

The owner of the Blue Suede Foods Truck in Green Bay says right now she’s finding other ways to save. So it hasn’t reached the point of passing on higher fuel costs to her customers.

“I mean I’m not okay with the gas prices,” she told Local 5 News. “But what else can I do about it? I have to have gas to run the truck so you pay it.”

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers joined other democratic governors in asking Congress to suspend the 18 cent a gallon federal gas tax for the year.

But critics say that could kill infrastructure projects.

The white house pointing in another direction. Press Secretary Jen Psaki says they’re looking at a coordinated, strategic release from the petroleum reserve to address the supply issue.

Still, others say it’s time to tax any oil company’s profits to make sure there are no unfair markups.

Working mom Rachelle isn’t much for politics. But she does have a message for anyone in power.

“Maybe work on a plan and compromise and get the prices down again.”