Green Bay Food Trucks kick off series of rallies

Local News

Foodies had some tough decisions to make Sunday as food trucks gathered for a rally.

Green Bay Food Trucks kicked off their series of food truck rallies at the Howard Commons located in the village of Howard.

The event was put on with the help of multiple municipalities.    

The food trucks also partnered with non-profits to staff the event.

10 percent of the food truck sales will go to participating non-profits like the “Pay it Forward Ethiopia” food truck who will use the proceeds to help with their missions in Ethiopia.

“We’re starting with a school feeding program so we’re able to feed the kids back in Ethiopia,” says Susan Dombrowicki. “After that, we will be starting children’s day center so those kids that aren’t quite on the streets yet, but we’re trying to keep their families together. Then the third part of our mission is we’re bringing over an aquaponics to make sure those kids are eating heathy foods.”

If you missed Sunday’s rally, don’t worry, they will be held throughout June, July, and August, starting at 3:00 p.m. and will run until 7:00 p.m.

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