A Green Bay nonprofit dedicated to giving the needy affordable housing is now adding a home repair program. As Local 5’s Kris Schuller reports, Habitat for Humanity is starting the service to help seniors remain in their homes.

Ask 74-year-old Jean Wiliams if she is still able to maintain the exterior of her home and she speaks plainly.

“I probably could if I really did, but it would be awful, so no, I don’t think so,” said Williams.

Which is why last spring she contacted Habitat for Humanity to take advantage of their new home repair program.

“They cleaned all my yard up, built a fence, trimmed the bushes and trees, yes they did beautiful work,” said Williams.

“It’s a way for us to reach more families in Brown County,” said Jennifer Maier, volunteer coordinator for Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity.

Maier is in charge of the program which habitat tested out last year – helping five homeowners, including Williams. 

“We’ve done projects like siding repairs, railings, some painting, some minor removal of small trees and fixing fence posts,” said Maier.

Now the organization is looking to ramp up the program’s reach.

“We get calls all the time on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, from people needing some repair done, a small simple home repair,” said Executive Director Cora Haltaufderheid.

The program targets low to moderate income homeowners. The focus in on exterior home repairs under $1,500.  Homeowners are required to pay a small fee.

“They have to pay a small fraction to have that work done because it’s believing in giving a hand up – not a hand out,” said Haltaufderheid.

“It was only $50 that I had to pay,” said Williams.

Maier says the program will also help seniors remain in their homes, aging in place, like Jean Williams.

“I think it’s best for seniors to have someone come and help them like they did for me. They can stay in their own homes and take care of themselves,” Williams said.

Affordable exterior home repairs – a new mission for Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity.

You can find a link to more information here.