GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A new home being built in Green Bay right now will be completely built by high school students. In the end, the new home does a lot more than just teach students valuable skills.

The home is under construction off Fourth Street in Green Bay’s Tank neighborhood. The contractors are all still in high school.

“It’s a work-based learning experience, so the students are able to learn real-life job experiences, hands-on, for two or three hours a day,” said instructor Brian Frerk.

It’s a program that’s been around for nearly a decade. Frerk knows what’s being taught there is something the classroom could never replicate.

“They’re getting experience with all phases of it,” said Frerk. “We’ll hang drywall, we’ll do siding.”

While the students do actually build the home, when it comes to electrical and plumbing, they leave that to the experts. However, students are involved in the process to understand how it works.

“Yeah, it’s pretty interesting. I like working with my hands. Computers aren’t for me,” joked Isaac Wery.

Wery is a senior at Green Bay West High School. The project is letting him explore what careers he could pursue after he graduates.

“I’m working on shingles on the roof. We’re just trying to get the roof of the garage finished up. Get as much of the exterior done as we can before snowfall,” added Wery.

The home is expected to be complete by the time the school year ends in May. And that very home will end up helping others.

“We partner with Neighbor Works of Green Bay,” said Frerk. “Their mission is to provide affordable homes within the Green Bay area. So they’ll put it up for sale once it’s done.”

Giving students a chance to build a better future for the communities where they live.

Construction is expected to begin soon on a second home. An open house is scheduled for May to show off their finished project.