GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) A Green Bay homeless shelter is taking its story to city sidewalks. Kris Schuller reports it’s part of a new campaign, aimed at raising awareness to the issue of homelessness in our community.

Outside of Green Bay City Hall, a sidewalk poster is unveiled to raise awareness of an issue far too many people face.

“Help people really recognize that perhaps it’s their co-worker, the person in the pew next to them at church, the people at the farmers market,” said Alexia Wood, executive director of St. John’s Homeless Shelter.

It is called the “See Me” campaign – an effort spearheaded by St. John’s Homeless Shelter to show that the guests they serve are people who deserve help and respect after falling on hard times.

“They are somebody’s son, somebody’s daughter, they have kids of their own and they are connected to the community. They are our neighbors,” said Alexa Priddy from the shelter.

Those real life stories from St. John’s guests have been transferred to these posters, 30 in all, and placed on sidewalks throughout downtown and the Broadway District.

“We encourage you to pause, look down, read about some of the homeless in our community and use that as a chance to have a conversation with family and friends,” said Wood.

It is a campaign fully supported by Green Bay’s mayor.

“It is an important step to make people more aware of the struggles people are facing in this community and also offer them a way to get involved,” said Mayor Eric Genrich.

“Connect with the stories, connect with the people and most of all connect back to,” said Priddy.

Because  homelessness is a community issue and the people struggling with it – all have a story to tell.