More than 2000 Green Bay area middle school students are taking part in the 2019 NWTC Science and Engineering Festival Thursday and Friday on the NWTC Green Bay campus, where they get to witness a multitude of science experiments.

“It’s really to give students an idea of what science and math fields look like,” said NWTC Career Coach Megan Favela.

The MTU students demonstrating the experiments are part of the school’s Mind Trekkers program, and are all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors. The experiments include a “fire tornado”, a piano with bananas for keys, a thermal imaging camera, and a basketball hoop where students can try making a basket while wearing prism goggles. A full list of Mind Trekkers demonstrations can be found here.

The students attending are primarily 5th and 6th graders from throughout the Green Bay metro area.

“So this just gives them a really good idea of, is science something I like? Is math something I like? And can I grow into that?” Favela says. “And for a lot of them, this is the time that they get that ‘yes, this is something I want to do’.”