ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) – A man from Green Bay is facing multiple charges after allegedly pointing a gun at his grandson following an argument over chores.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Local 5, on May 6 around 1 p.m., law enforcement responded to a residence on East Briar Lane in Green Bay, after a man was reported to be threatening to kill everyone inside with a gun. When deputies arrived, a perimeter was set up around the house.

Eventually, deputies were able to talk to the man inside the home and got him to come outside. The man was identified as 76-year-old Donald Hendricks.

The woman inside the home told authorities that she believed Hendricks started drinking alcohol around 9 a.m. She also described Hendricks as having PTSD, as well as issues with his grandson. The grandson reportedly lived at the residence.

Around 12:30 p.m. both Hendricks and his grandson started yelling at each other. Hendricks then went into his bedroom and came out with a gun. The grandson said that Hendricks went to his chair and pointed the gun at him.

Hendricks reportedly threatened to shoot his grandson. The woman in the house then called the police, and the grandson told authorities that he hid in the living room coat closet.

Before Hendricks threatened to shoot anybody, the grandson said he argued about doing chores. The grandson also said that Hendricks threw a magazine at him.

The woman inside the home mentioned that the grandson appeared to be in a ‘manic depressive state’. Deputies found two other guns inside the house, both of which were reportedly loaded. A plastic liquor bottle was also found in the kitchen sink.

Hendricks is charged with the following:

  • First-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    • Felony
    • Up to 12 and a half years in prison (prison sentence can be increased by five years)
  • Intimidation of a Victim, Domestic Abuse Assessments, Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    • Felony
    • Up to ten years in prison (prison sentence can be increased by five years)
  • Endangering Safety by Use of Dangerous Weapon – Possession of a Firearm While Intoxicated, Domestic Abuse Assessments
    • Misdemeanor
    • Up to nine months in prison
  • Disorderly Conduct, Domest Abuse Assessments, Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    • Misdemeanor
    • Up to ninety days in prison (prison sentence can be increased by six months)

Court records show that Hendricks is scheduled to appear in court on May 9 at 2 p.m. No additional information was provided, Local 5 will continue to update this story.