GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Green Bay man convicted of killing and burning another man’s body on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus in September of 2021 was back in Brown County Court and has learned his sentence.

Court records show that 34-year-old Pedro Santiago-Marquez was sentenced to life in state prison on Tuesday for the death of Jason Mendez-Ramos. He will have the opportunity for parole in 2064.

According to the criminal complaint, On September 28, 2021, authorities in Brown County responded to a fire in a wooded area on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s campus.

First responders fought the flames that were reportedly five to ten feet high, and when they were able to get the fire under control, they found Mendez-Ramos dead.

A detective determined the body had suffered trauma to the chest that was not related to the fire. Evidence indicated that “the body had been wrapped in a blue plastic tarp, clear plastic sheeting, and black garbage bags,” similar to those used when someone is painting.

In November of 2021, detectives say they visited Fox Communities Credit Union to sort out information on deposits of money Mendez-Ramos had made the day before law enforcement found his body. Through footage, authorities say they saw Mendez-Ramos arrive alone at the drive-thru around 12 p.m. and deposit $4,000.

A month later, detectives interviewed a witness who knew both Santiago-Marquez and Mendez-Ramos. According to the witness, they told detectives Santiago-Marquez owed Mendez-Ramos $80,000 for a previous deal of cocaine.

The same witness told authorities they heard Santiago-Marquez say he was going to “pop” Mendez-Ramos. Detectives then asked the witness what “pop” meant, and the witness created a motion where his hand was like a gun.

In January 2022, detectives say they received information from Mendez-Ramos’ CashApp account that was linked to the Fox Communities Credit Union. In it, the officials said transactions were consistent with Santiago-Marquez owing Mendez-Ramos money.