GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – With the holiday season swiftly approaching, food pantries are looking for donations, and one local manufacturer is making sure no person or pet goes hungry.

Carnivore Meat Company, an ultra-premium freeze-dried and frozen raw pet food company, donated nearly 400 cans of food to Paul’s Pantry, an independent corporation that serves 800 families every week.

“I’m really pleased to see our employees come together and share more than 1,000 pounds of food with those in our community who could use a helping hand. Being selfless and helping others is part of “Carnivore Culture,” and we challenge ourselves each day to become better stewards of our time, talent, and treasures,” said Lanny Viegut, CEO of Carnivore. “As Carnivore continues to build a VITAL future for our community, we are delighted to make this donation to an organization that supports those in need within our community.”

Since the beginning, Carnivore Meats Company says it’s determined to build a culture of community and support. Through the company’s generous donations to Paul’s Pantry, Ben’s Wish, Desert Veterans of WI, and Celebration Church, families will have the necessities throughout the holiday season.

Carnivore Meats Company has been working with Paul’s Pantry since 2015. However, this is the first time the organization donated in the early fall months, a traditionally slow period for food donations.

“We rely on constant donations from the community all year round, and unfortunately, things get really slow during the summer,” said Leslie Sharkey, director of volunteer and guest services for Paul’s Pantry. “Getting a big donation this time of year means the world. We need it. Our community needs it. We could not be more grateful for Carnivore for constantly thinking of us.”

According to Paul’s Pantry, the donation brought in enough to feed an estimated ten families a week, as each shopper takes home around 100 pounds of food each visit.

For more details on Paul’s Pantry, you can visit its website here.