GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich joined Local 5 to talk about a couple of different initiatives in the city.

Spark Green Bay is a strategic plan for arts and culture in the greater Green Bay area with the idea of bringing artists together.

Genrich says there is a team in place right now that is evaluating Spark Green Bay along with conducting interviews with acting artists. The goal is to get artists to buy into the city’s artistic side.

Another initiative that just recently wrapped up was For Wisconsin. This event was to promote democracy and to get people out to vote during the Spring Elections.

Genrich hopes that the work that went on during this event will return during the Fall Elections as well.

“Early indications are really positive. They had a good experience here and are hoping to come back so yeah we’re optimistic about that,” said Genrich.

He also credits the city’s employees for how smoothly the elections went and for people that stepped up at the last minute.

The Green Bay Mayor has a lot of new council members with 5 seats changing from the Spring Election.

“It has a major impact. I haven’t served with a turnover this size before. Last time it was just one member that changed over so there is a lot of learning that will occur here over the next few weeks,” said Genrich.

He is excited to meet the new council members and is ready to hear the new voices and ideas they’ll bring.