GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich stopped by Local 5 News on Tuesday for this week’s Community Update to talk about early voting, the need for poll workers, the city’s budget, and the mill rate assessment.

Genrich spoke about the opportunity that residents in the City of Green Bay have when it comes to early voting.

“Green Bay residents have over 100 hours of early voting that’s available to them starting on October 25th,” said Mayor Genrich. “The last day of early voting will be that Sunday preceding Election Day.”

That will mark the first time Green Bay has ever offered Sunday voting.

“I would encourage everyone to make a plan to vote,” explained Genrich. “It’s always really critical to get an idea of how you’re going to get to the polls, whether it be early voting or on Election Day.”

The Green Bay Mayor also said that there is a slight need in the city for poll workers and they’re always looking for citizens to help out.

“Clerk Jeffreys is really confident that we’ll have enough people to help out but we are looking for an additional 50 poll workers just to make sure we have enough of a buffer,” added Genrich.

As city council meetings continue to take place, Genrich continues developing the budget for Green Bay.

“We’ve been working on it internally with our different departments so within the next couple of weeks I’ll be presenting my proposed budget to the city council and the public,” said Genrich.

Many residents received a letter with regard to their assessment of the current mill rate.

“The mill rate will be coming down,” stated Genrich. “The tax rate that’s used to create the revenue, to fund all the services in the City of Green Bay, that certainly will be coming down.”