GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich joined Local 5 and discussed multiple topics ranging from the energy efficiency grant to August 9’s elections.

Genrich said that the Conservation Corps was recently approved by the Common Council and received full funding. Six full-time members will be hired and then fifteen seasonal members plan to be hired next year.

Multiple people are eligible to apply, more information about the position can be found here.

Energy efficiency is another topic that Genrich touched on, saying that it will do community outreach and focus on what people can do to become more energy efficient. It was accepted by the Common Council and city operations will be looked at.

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The ARPA Funds Council Meeting is set for August 16. Genrich says it is really an important conversation to have, and members of the public are invited to attend.

Polls for the August 9 elections are open until 8 p.m., and Genrich says that anyone with questions should visit for information on polling locations and general questions.