GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich joined WFRV Local 5 This Morning for a Community Update to discuss a grant the city received to provide a safe election, a proposed mandated mask ordinance, and the push for an equal rights commission.

What does the ‘Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan’ grant mean for Green Bay voters?

On Monday, it was announced that Green Bay was one of five Wisconsin cities to receive a portion of $6.3 million in nonprofit grants to fund the “Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan,” which is intended to ensure safe elections amid the coronavirus pandemic. Green Bay received just over $1 million.

Mayor Genrich says that funding will go toward creating satellite early voting locations in the city, enabling officials to inform the community about voting options like absentee ballots, and assisting in bringing in enough poll workers.

There has been a recent push to create a commission that would address equal rights in the city – can you tell us a little more about that?

In early July, Mayor Genrich spoke with WFRV Local 5 about the commission, explaining that he and Alderwoman Barbara Dorf are hoping that it not only looks at housing but at employment and public accommodations.

“We’ve decided to expand that beyond housing and to encompass public accommodations and employment as well to make sure that it’s clear that discrimination isn’t tolerated in the City of Green Bay,” Mayor Genrich says. He explains that the commission, if approved, would be comprised of citizens from across the city and represent the diverse groups that make up Green Bay.

Green Bay Alderman Randy Scannell is looking to propose a city-wide, mandated mask ordinance – how do you feel about that?

Mayor Genrich explained that he wears a mask when in public and emphasized the importance of listening to health experts amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’re recommending that we mask up, especially when we’re indoors in public places, not necessarily to protect us, the mask wearer, but to protect those that are the most vulnerable,” Mayor Genrich says. “We don’t really know, necessarily, who has the virus. There are a lot of folks who are spreading the virus asymptotically, so I and many more folks are encouraging others to mask up when they’re out and about around town going grocery shopping and in other retail environments in particular.

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