Photo courtesy of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay Metro Fire Department (GBMFD) is remembering one of their fallen brothers 16 years after his death.

According to GBMFD, on August 13, 2006, crews responded to a house fire on Edgewood Drive.

Upon arrival, crews saw heavy smoke coming from the home prompting them to begin efforts to knock down the fire.

Part of those initial efforts included the Engine 5 team entering the home with a hose line in hopes of extinguishing the fire before the Ambulance 5 team, which was staffed by Lt. Arnie Wolff and Firefighter Brinkley-Chaudoir, entered the home to perform a search and rescue.

Lt. Arnie Wolff

However, officials say that within seconds of the Ambulance 5 team entering the home, a section of the first floor collapsed sending Lt. Wolff and Firefighter Brinkley-Chaudoir into the basement, which was fully involved in fire.

As a result of the collapse, Lt. Wolff and Firefighter Brinkley-Chaudoir were physically separated by a dividing wall in the basement.

Firefighter Brinkley-Chaudoir fell into a room with windows and was able to be rescued. She suffered a hip fracture, rib fracture, and burn injuries.

Unfortunately, Lt. Wolff fell into a room without windows, and his only exit was blocked by debris, reports GBMFD.

Lt. Wolff is said to have called a ‘MAYDAY’ but, rescuers were not able to reach him due to the intensity of the fire. Several hours later, Lt. Wolff’s body was recovered.

“Lt. Arnie Wolff responded to his final alarm on that dark day. So today we remember and pay tribute to Lt. Wolff, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, protecting the community he loved,” writes the Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

Photo courtesy of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department