GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Fans are speaking a Green Bay Packers playoff run into existence.

On Monday night, the Green and Gold took the first step towards making that goal a reality when they beat the Los Angeles Rams 24-12 at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football.

For Packers fans, the game was never in doubt in fact many of them think Green Bay can run the table and finish the season on a five-game winning streak.

“They have a good shot of making it, it just depends if the other teams help us out, but I think that we can run the table through the rest of the season,” said Rene Van Wyhe of Le Mars, Iowa. He said this is the first time his 10-year-old daughter has been to Lambeau Field so the day is extra special for him.

“We’re feeling pretty optimistic, hopefully with us being here it can bring in some good luck, one percent, three percent, 30 percent, Jim Carey (said it best) ‘so you’re saying there is a chance’,” said Alex and Brenna Ahmad a married couple from Milwaukee.

According to, the Packers’ playoff odds are at eight percent at the time this article was written.

Packer fans also said they think that the cold weather will work to their advantage as they look to make a playoff run.

Zach Kimura attended the game with some of his medical school friends. He’s from Southern California and admitted that he’s not used to temperatures like this.

“I freaked out a little bit knowing that I was going to stand outside the whole game,” said Kimura.

His friends are from Illinois so they gave him some advice on how to dress for games like this. Packer fans said playoffs or no playoffs they are going to support their team.

“I love seeing how the entire state of Wisconsin and definitely Green Bay is all in on the Packers it’s like a family,” said Kimura.

“Today it’s really high energy because it’s really cold and people are pumped,” said Daisy Oceguera.

 Kimura said this is his second time at Lambeau and he says this time is a lot colder than the first time but he’s embracing every minute of it.