GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) Green Bay parents say they’re tired of watching their kids struggle with virtual learning and held a protest Saturday.

Hailey, a Southwest High School student spoke at that rally, “You finish your eight hours of looking at a screen and then you go on and look at your assignments and you have a whole list of assignments and it just makes you feel like you just want to give up.”

Tired of the psychological toll virtual learning is taking on their kids, Green Bay parents and students rallied because they want the option of in-person learning.

Melissa Stitz, a parent and rally organizer says, “We all know with mental health concerns that are out there too with our youth today, the sooner we can bring them back to a normal routine the better.”

Brook Andrews, a parent and rally organizer says, “We just feel that it’s time. It’s been nine months. We know a lot more about the virus. We know a lot more about how it’s spreading. We just feel that it’s time. It’s time that we start moving forward.”

Governor Evers hasn’t offered any advice on how Wisconsin school districts should handle students’ education so parents are speaking out.

Andrews says, “We want our children back to in-person learning where they are getting a better education where they are more engaged. Right now we are at double the failure rates that were in the point at the same time last year.”

But the gating criteria, in particular the number of positive COVID-19 rates in the area, continue to be an obstacle to hearing school bells.

Stitz says, “The parents need to come forward with a voice and make it very clear to the school board and our superintendent that the decisions that they make directly impact our kids and its not going well.”

The Green Bay School Board President provided Local Five with the following response:

As a Board Trustee, I appreciate the outpouring of responses from our community on whether Green Bay Area Public Schools should be virtual or in-person. The Board has heard from individuals who feel strongly on both sides of the issue, and at Monday night’s Board meeting, we will take into consideration the feedback we have received from families, staff and students, as well as the administration and medical community when we revisit the current gating criteria and the proposed blended learning model. As a District parent, I truly understand the impact of the Board’s decisions on families. While everyone may not agree, I know we all want the best for our children and community.

Eric Vanden Heuvel – Board of Education President – Green Bay Area Public Schools

The school board meets again on December 14th.