GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis stopped by the Local 5 News studio for Thursday’s Community Update to talk about the investigation into the city’s double homicide investigation and how the Tyre Nichols situation in Memphis affects the Green Bay Police Department.

Chief Davis first touched on updates to the city’s double homicide case and the suspect Richard Sotka.

“In these cases, even once the suspect is arrested, the investigation continues because it’s a very detailed investigation that we need to give to the DA’s office to do their part.”

The Chief did not provide many other details but did state that the department believes Sotka is the only suspect it is looking for.

Chief Davis then talked about the situation in Memphis with the death of Tyre Nichols and how that case affects the Green Bay Police Department.

“Well I think it affects all of us in the police profession and unfortunately it’s just another reminder of the work that we have to do to change police culture in a way that better reflects what the community wants from us.”

The Chief was then asked how his department handles situations that require the use of force.

“Any time a police officer uses force, a supervisor comes to the scene and just conducts an inquiry into what happened. Talks to people involved in the incident, talks to the officers involved, reviews any reports, and we have body-worn cameras on all of our patrol officers so they’ll review camera footage and then that report goes to our training division.”

Chief Davis continued to say that each incident gets reviewed for any policy violations and they look for what they can learn from each incident to make their training better for any future uses of force.

Chief Davis also touched on an interesting thing that happened to him last week when he received a package containing fentanyl and cocaine in it.

The Chief said that they are still investigating the incident and that he thinks someone was just trying to send him evidence that they thought would be useful.

Chief Davis reminds everyone that if someone finds themself in a similar situation and wants to alert the authorities of drug activity, call the department’s non-emergency line so that a police officer can be sent out to collect it.

The last thing the Chief touched on was the recent burglaries on the west side of Green Bay. He says it is too early to tell if each report is related and that the department is following multiple leads.

For now, the public is being asked to take precautions and alert authorities if anyone sees something suspicious.