GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis stopped by the Local 5 News studio Thursday morning to talk about the department’s new look, a new community survey, and flood safety awareness.

Chief Davis started out by touching on the department’s new look for its squad cars.

“We are kind of going away from the traditional black and white patrol car. It costs at least $2,000 to paint the doors on a black car white,” said Chief Davis.

The benefits don’t stop at just saving money, Chief Davis also says the new look gives officers a lower profile, making them harder to see when they are looking for criminal activity.

He also assures that with all the lighting and equipment, the patrol cars are still visible enough in times of emergencies to be seen when needed.

The Chief then talked about a new community survey that is being sent out by the department.

“This survey will help us, we’ll match it with the results of an internal survey that asks some similar questions and just see the extent to which our idea of what we’re here to do and our values match those that the community has for us,” added Chief Davis.

The survey is a part of the department’s work with Police2Peace and those interested in sharing their thoughts should keep their eyes on the Green Bay Police Department’s social media pages over the next few days.

Finally, Chiefs Davis touched on the importance of flood safety awareness.

“Every year we like to remind people that if you see the barricades across the road because the road is flooded, don’t go around them,” he adds, “Forget everything else I’ve said today, don’t go around the barricades.”

Chief Davis also says it can take just six inches of water to make a car float away. That leads to the department taking unnecessary risks and energy to rescue the driver, when the whole situation could be avoided.