GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis stopped by Local 5 News for Thursday’s Community Update to talk about the problem of domestic violence around the Holidays and the ‘Be Safe Project.’

The first topic that was discussed was the emergency alert that was sent to many more people than intended during a gas leak in Green Bay, which Chief Davis says is currently being worked on by Brown County Emergency Management.

“We will send out the phone alert through Emergency Management to try and reach people as quickly as possible but in a situation like this, we’ll go door to door if we have to in order to get people to safety,” stated Chief Davis. “We do know that it was alarming for the public to get this pretty far away.”

The next topic discussed was domestic violence and how officers tend to see a rise in those incidents during the Holiday season.

“Domestic abuse is a problem everywhere, and we are not exempt. I’ve seen some estimates that one in four community members will be impacted in some way by domestic violence in their lives.”

Chief Davis also notes that the stress of the Holidays, as well as the hype around this time of year, can often increase the number of domestic violence incidents that authorities see in the winter months.

A new program called the ‘Be Safe Project’ is hoping to reduce and help those who may be experiencing domestic abuse.

“This is a project done by the Golden House, and we are supporting them in the effort. It is a hotline and a link where survivors in need of services or advice about a domestic violence situation can call and get a hold of somebody 24/7,” said Chief Davis.

The hotline number is (920) 212-SAFE, and can be called at any time of the day.