GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay police officers say they are alerting and educating the public about special training being conducted as part of Crash Responder Safety Week.

According to a release from the Green Bay Police Department, Officers are now being trained on how to use a traffic control tactic called a traffic break.

Authorities say a traffic break is a tactic that is used to address traffic hazards, especially during times when traffic is busy and high in volume. The traffic break works by an officer matching the speed of traffic before activating their emergency lights and then weaving back and forth across all lanes of traffic.

This then creates a safe zone as the officer is able to gradually slow or stop traffic as needed before allowing them, or an officer ahead, to safely resolve a potential traffic hazard.

Police say if a driver sees a traffic break taking place, they should slow down and make sure to not pass the officer conducting the tactic.

For more information on a traffic break tactic, watch this video provided by the Green Bay Police Department.