GREEN BAY, Wis.(WFRV)-UW-Green Bay’s Pride Center held an LGBTQ training seminar at Police Headquarters for officer and other city employees. “Today we were here talking about how to be more inclusive of LGBTQ in our community,” said Dr. Stacie Christian of the Pride Center. The goal was to make sure community members feel accepted.

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Those in attendance were given a history on LGBTQ issues and challenges. “We started this training with the Police Department las year as a way to connect with the LGBTQ community and to ensure that city employees are interacting with the community in a respectful and compassionate way,” said Rachel Maes, Green Bay City Assistant Attorney. The seminar also covered “Hate Crimes.” According to Maes, if an individual is attacked for their sexuality, it is considered a “Hate Crime.” But if someone is attacked for their gender identity, that is not considered an act of hate. “There is a difference between sexual orientation and identity,” said Maes.

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Green Bay does not have many reported “Hate Crimes” involving race or sexual orientation. “Green Bay is a pretty safe community and we don’t see many Hate Crimes in the city which we’re very thankful for,” said Kevin Warych, Commander of Green Bay PD. Many crimes that occur, especially those involving the LGBTQ community can go unreported for a number of reasons. The department wants all residents to know they are there for them, and they should come forward if they are a victim or have information about a crime. “That is what we’re trying to overcome.

In 2019, Green Bay PD created a Diversity and Inclusion Pride Team that is headed by Detective Brian Biller. Since the creation, the Pride Team has developed a number of policies on how officers interact with the LGBTQ community across the board. To view policy number 344 on interactions with Transgender, Intersex, and/or Gender Non-conforming (TIGN) Persons click here.