GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Following the double homicide on Elkay Lane in Green Bay over the weekend, the Green Bay Police Department is sharing how they emotionally process seeing a traumatic crime scene.

In the criminal complaint for suspect Richard Sotka, investigators recounted seeing pools of blood and one of the victims in a ‘compromised state’.

Commander Gary Richgels commented about how the department handles homicides like this, which are not common in the city.

“When it comes to homicide, or the death of someone, it ramps up our need to make sure we’re doing everything right. Someone lost a loved one, and in this case, there’s two. We get one chance to do it right,” Richgels says.

According to autopsy reports, the victims, Rhonda Cegelski, 58, and Paula O’Connor, 53, died of multiple sharp force injuries, likely from a knife.

In walking into a crime scene of that brutality, officers lean on each other in cases like these.

Richgels says, “We support each other. Something that’s important to remember in law enforcement is we’re people just like everybody else, and the things that we do and see can affect us all.”

He also wants to remind the public that the victim’s families are grieving too.

“Just remember that there are two large families out there that are grieving in this process. So, just be patient with us and understand what they’re going through,” Richgels says.

Police also say the next step will be getting Sotka back to Green Bay so they can schedule his initial hearing.