GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A bar in Green Bay that allegedly leads the city in disturbance calls and recently had a security staff charged with sexual assault could soon have its liquor license taken away.

During Monday’s Protection and Policy Committee meeting, Duel Sports Bar & Grill’s liquor license renewal was discussed. Green Bay Police recommended that the Duel’s license not be renewed. Lt. Steve Mahoney represented the department.

Mike Cain talked on behalf of Duel, and is reportedly listed as the Manager/Owner/Lease Holder.

In a letter addressed to the Protection and Policy Committee, the Green Bay Police Department provided reports of previous incidents and facts at Duel Sports Bar & Grill. The letter provides the following cumulative call information that was presented on May 17.

  • From July 1 to present
    • 111 calls for service to Duel
      • 47 Disturbance Calls (Leads city)
      • 2 Weapon Calls
        • Man pistol-whipped in parking lot
        • Shot fired in parking lot
      • Other calls included:
        • Thefts
        • Various crime prevention calls by patrol
        • Various drug arrests in the parking lot
    • Bartender license check on February 2022
      • A compliance check was done, and two bartenders on scene did not have valid bartender licenses.
    • May 14 incident
      • 20-year-old woman was able to enter with a fake ID. Duel’s security reportedly recognized the fake ID and let her in regardless.
      • The same security staff took the underage woman’s friend to his vehicle and allegedly sexually assaulted her.
      • Also reported that security staff offered the victim cocaine.
      • The security person, who is reportedly listed as a suspect, was on parole for felony arson and burglary offenses.

Authorities also provided comparison data for other local establishments. Duel’s 111 actual calls for service are 25 more than the next highest. The actual calls are reportedly calculated by taking the total number of calls and removing any that were not related to the bar.

Cain said that he only had 14 disturbances based on the police reports he obtained. He provided multiple explanations for some of the incidents described by the police. Cain starts talking around the 52-minute mark.

Cain also mentioned that he put $350,000 into renovating the building. There was also discussion regarding lawsuits filed against Duel.

An Alderperson brought up that the police don’t ‘casually’ bring up the recommendation to not renew a liquor license.

In a 4-0 vote, the recommendation to not renew the license was approved. The decision to not renew the license will be recommended to the Common Council. Green Bay’s website shows that the next Common Council meeting is on June 7.