Green Bay Police to add more patrol officers for traffic safety campaign

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Police to focus on OWI enforcement, speed violations, distracted driving and traffic signal violations

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Drivers in the Green Bay area can expect to see a lot more patrols by officers starting now through the start of the new year.

Green Bay Police have doubled the number of officers dedicated to traffic with the big focus of 2020 being their traffic safety campaign. According to Green Bay Police, about 7079 traffic citations have been written so far this year- with many more verbal and written warnings given.

For the upcoming year, police will be focusing on OWI enforcement, speed violations, distracted driving and traffic signal violations. Green Bay Police will be working with Wisconsin State Inspectors on commercial truck enforcement in the city as well as increasing their education campaign- whether it be in schools, on social media, or warnings.

“It puts people in danger and that’s what the community is concerned about,” says Chief Andrew Smith, Green Bay Police. “I don’t want to write tickets to everybody, I don’t want to take money out of people’s pockets, but we’ve got to change people’s behavior. If you’re going more than about 35 in the city of Green Bay, you’re probably speeding and there’s no reason to. We see little kids getting hurt, we’ve got to stop it and it’s because the community is demanding it.”

Traffic officers will be on Mason Street, Oneida, Military and Monroe Avenue using radar for speed and looking for signal violations as well as distracted driving.

“They’re shooting radar, they’re doing those traffic violations- red light violations- they’re looking at, of course, OWIs; we still really have a problem with that, and anything where people are driving distracted,” said Chief Smith. “That’s what the community is concerned about, that’s what causes accidents, that’s what we’re focusing on.”

A traffic link will also be added on the city website for community members to report problem traffic areas.

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