GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Pamperin Park’s playground is over 25 years old, and the city of Green Bay has decided it’s time to make a change as community members had the opportunity to vote on the new playground design.

The event, hosted at the Pamperin Park Dance Hall, allowed residents to speak their minds on some designs.

With the goal of creating a unique and creative structure, Pamperin Park’s playground is expected to be the largest in Brown County.

“The structure that we currently have has aged past its useful life, so we’re looking to replace it with a newer structure,” said Nicole Hilker, Business Manager for Brown County Parks.

Members of the Brown County Parks are working to incorporate things on the playground that haven’t been seen in the area, such as a swing glide and a more extensive ropes course.

Another significant change coming to Pamperin Park’s playground is the material it is made out of. Previously being wood, Hilker explained to Local 5 News that the new structure is expected to be made out of metal.

“The existing wood structure, we determined that it does not hold up well,” added Hilker. “In our climate, there are splinters, it warps, and it’s hard to upkeep. It’ll also be more costly to upkeep the wooden structure compared to the proposed metal one.”

Officials say that the response to the new playground has received mixed feedback, but the upgrades are necessary to provide a safe environment for all kids.

“I think overall, people are learning to embrace it because something new is exciting,” said Hilker. “For kids, this is the best way for them to play, to see something new, and to be able to decide what they like and don’t like.”

Brown County administrators are hoping to begin tearing down the old wooden playground in November or December, while completion of the new structure would be around May of 2023.