GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – After a series of swatting incidents at Green Bay schools last year, officials decided it was time to ramp up security.

In all 42 district-occupied buildings, a new security system has been implemented. Thousands of strobe lights are placed throughout the buildings, with eight different colors representing different alerts. Some of the alerts include lockdowns for intruders, evacuations, and tornado warnings.

About the alerts, Chief Operating Officer with the GBAPSD Josh Patchak says, “The most common one is what we call ‘secure the building for an outside situation.’ That’s where perhaps the police have to deal with something in the neighborhood, and they would rather not have our staff or students outside of the building.”

If an active intruder alert is activated, the system will automatically contact the police.

In addition to the lights, teachers have a button around their lanyards at all times, and when pressed three times, it alerts whoever is monitoring the system that someone needs assistance.

“Maybe you’ve got a little one that’s trying to escape from the school. You can’t always grab a phone and call someone, so this allows them to handle the situation while still requesting assistance,” Patchak says.

Officials say the $1.8M system will ensure everyone’s safety. The first day schools open in Green Bay is Tuesday, September 5th.