GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay Service League is hosting a back-to-school store. Students in the area are able to get socks, shoes, and everything else that they need to have a great school year, for free.

Anna Burnette, co-chair of Green Bay Service League Back to School Store, “Well, this is our first year being back in person after having a couple of years off because of COVID, so we’re really excited to have children shopping for their products this year.”

The school store is located at the Kress Center on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Campus. To pre-qualify, the service league asks parents to speak with guidance counselors at their children’s schools.  

Anna Burnette, “The kids that come and shop are able to pick out the shoes that fit, the backpack that kind of speaks to them, and the style that they want to carry all year.”

Local parent Kashif Green’s son is a customer of the store, and he says he is grateful for the free supplies.

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Kashif Green, local parent, “After what we just went through with the pandemic scare and everything that we are still going through drives like this just, they help. They help not only in bringing the community back together they help in just getting the kids back in that relaxed state of being around other people and the donations always help in every way.” 

The store provides supplies for over a thousand kids in Green Bay.