GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – It’s the holiday season, which means one local business owner is back giving Christmas trees to veterans in appreciation for protecting our country.

The Trees for Troops program by North Countree Christmas has been going on for several years, and former owner Paul Schroeder, who is now retired, is continuing to keep the tradition alive.

“[Our business] started back in 1989 when I bought a bunch of pasture land and converted it all into a Christmas tree farm,” said Schroeder. “Today, we’re showing our appreciation for the veterans that serve their country. We rarely get a chance to say thank you to [veterans], so providing them with a Christmas tree is a really easy way to say thank you.”

Officials say that Christmas tree growers in Green Bay will provide about 325 trees, and statewide, it’ll be around 600 trees.

FedEx was on hand near Lambeau Field, with organizers packing up the trees to be taken to Fort Carson in Colorado.

“We realize how many people are uprooted because of their dedication to America, so if we can make their home away from home just a little more comfortable, that’s our goal,” explained Schroeder.

Schroeder continued to tell Local 5 News that he’s forever thankful for the veterans of the United States and says donating Christmas trees is the least he could do.

“We take advantage of the freedoms that we have without realizing the price that it costs,” stated Schroeder. “Freedom has a price, and those of us here really don’t pay that price, but those serving do, and their families do.”