GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich joined Local 5 to talk about the potential of events returning after a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19, as well as other topics in the latest Community Update.

The Cooperative Governance Agreement with Green Bay and Oneida Nation was signed on March 4, and Mayor Genrich discussed some of its highlights.

“Oneida Nation will be paying the City of Green Bay this year $450,000 for the services that we provide to the nation and their members, and that jumps up to $525,000 next year and the following five years,” says, Mayor Genrich.

Mayor Genrich also talked about some collaborative work that can be worked on as a team. West Mason Street is an important area as it connects both municipalities.

The Board and Commission has multiple openings and Mayor Genrich is encouraging anyone interested to apply.

“If there is an interest in stepping up and getting involved in city government, feel free to visit my webpage on the city’s website to fill out a form and pass along your information,” says Mayor Genrich.

COVID impacted multiple events not only in Green Bay but across the United States. This summer a return to normalcy could be in place. Outdoor events are much safer when compared to indoor events and the vaccine rollout could have a positive impact on potential events, said Mayor Genrich.

According to Genrich, the summer of 2021 will look different compared to summer 2020 and could lead to a return back to normalcy.