GREEN BAY, WI (WFRV) – For the faithful, October 31st is Reformation Day when in the early 1500s Martin Luther went public with his theses that sparked the Protestant Reformation.

In modern times, at Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School, it is cause for a “Marty Party.”

It was a day filled with fun and prayer: song and celebration. There were lessons on church teachings and symbols. Principal Kerrick Sawyer dressed up as Monk Sawyer, a colleague of Martin Luther’s.

He was a referee for a relay race for “gummy worms.”

It’s a way to help the young students remember the Diet of Worms was not about eating worms, it was about Martin Luther’s trial in a town called Worms and had nothing to do with eating “creepy-crawlies.”

“It was about Luther on trial with the Pope and Emperor,” explained Sawyer. “And its implications as he was excommunicated from the church and set him on this path of the Protestant Reformation.”

The students also learned German and worked on church trivia and then spent some time re-enacting what it was like for Martin Luther to be in hiding and translating the scriptures from Latin to German by candlelight.

Of course, there is much more to Reformation Day and we encourage Local 5 News consumers to explore the topic in their way for more information.

Thanks to our viewers for suggesting this for our Positively Wisconsin series.

Please keep those ideas coming.