Contract Transport Services, a trucking company in Green Bay, spent Wednesday morning presenting donations totaling nearly $5,000 to the Green Bay Police Department and Green Bay Fire Department.

C.T.S. makes wrapped vehicles for “local heroes” like military veterans, firefighters, and police officers, and those trucks helped generate the donations.  The company donated on a per mile basis to each department based on how much their corresponding vehicle was driven throughout 2017.

“We donate 2 cents for every loaded mile throughout the year to these departments, and it just adds up over the year,” said CTS President Curt Reitz. “We try to utilize the trucks as much as we can, to get the most miles on it we can.”

The donations were presented via giant checks to Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith and Green Bay Fire Chief David Litton.  The fire department will use their money for paramedic training, while the police are using their donation for community policing programs.