HOWARD, Wis. (WFRV) – A woman from Green Bay is facing multiple charges after she admitted to killing both of her dogs and hanging them in a tree near a park and ride in Howard.

A criminal complaint says on Feb. 15 around 11:15 a.m. deputies were sent to a ‘suspicious situation’ at the park and ride at 2700 CTH RK in the Village of Howard. A Public Works employee reportedly found a dead dog hanging in a tree in that area.

While on their way to the park and ride, a welfare check complaint was received for a woman who was reportedly eating food in Kwik Trip without paying for it. Authorities believed the two calls were related.

A Deputy found 57-year-old Pamela McNeill eating a plate of food inside Kwik Trip and started talking with her. When asked where her dog was, she reportedly said she killed them both and hung them in trees.

McNeill said they ‘became vicious’, but later said they had not bitten or snapped at her, just growled. The Deputy then arrested McNeill and brought her to the Brown County Jail.


While being interviewed, McNeill reportedly re-iterated that she killed both of her dogs by hanging them in trees. She said that hanging them by their collars didn’t work, so she killed them by strangling them with her bare hands.

She advised that the second dog was relatively close to the first one, and a Deputy was able to confirm the location of the second dog, shortly after.

The first dog was found by an employee of the Brown County Highway Department and showed to authorities that described it as a Pomeranian dog. The second dog was also described as a Pomeranian.

McNeill provided a statement that reads:

“On Monday February 14, 2022 around dusk. Both of my dogs started snapping at each other and growling while they were in the passenger seat of my car. I tried to pet them and they growled at me, but never snapped at me. I told them I was not going to live with that and I told them I loved them and that I hoped to see them someday.

I killed the white one first by hanging her from a tree. I swung her leash around a branch, pulled her up off the ground by her collar and tied the leash to a branch. She really started struggling so I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and squeezed her neck with my bare hands as hard as I could until she died. I left her hanging in the tree and went and got the brown dog.

I walked the brown dog to another tree in the area and killed the brown dog in the same exact way. I left both dogs hanging in the trees and went to Kwik Trip I think. I then went back to the park and ride and parked facing the opposite way so I didn’t have to see them.”

Pamela McNeill’s statement

According to court records, McNeill is charged with two counts of Mistreatment of Animals/Cause Death and two counts of Bail Jumping-Felony. Each count for the mistreatment of animals has up to a $10,000 fine or not more than three and a half years in prison.

No additional information was provided, Local 5 will continue to update this story.