GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – If you’re around the Fox River on Friday evening, keep an eye out for the Green Bay Yachting Club’s Light on the Fox event.

Light on the Fox brings together more than 30 decorated boats to head down the Fox River through the Main Street Bridge and Walnut Street Bridge before turning around at the Mason Street Bridge. The boats will be looping around the Fox River twice.

Organizers say the Green Bay Yachting Club used to do an annual Venetian Parade with a great turnout. At the parade, prizes were awarded based on the best theme, costume, and decorated boats. Now, with the Light on the Fox event, members hope to bring back the old tradition to give spectators a show.

The event will happen around dusk on Friday night, and spectators are welcome to watch from the bridges and check out the decorated boats.