Greenville Fire Department holds annual 9/11 ceremony

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Wednesday, the Greenville Fire Department continued their tradition of recognizing the fellow firefighters and first responders who lost their lives on 9-11.

“I remember I was doing an inspection on a home walking through the living room and the lady who owned the home says, ‘Look at what’s going on t.v. right now,’ and you turn to look and you see the North Tower in flames,” says Greenville resident Robert Chase. “It was just a terrible sight and we stood there unbelieving what was going on.”

Whether you were at home, work or school the images from September 11, 2001 were chilling, appalling, daunting.

“It was scary to not know what was going to happen next and to just live in that fear of the unknown,” says Ashley Wunderlich, who was in high school at the time of the attacks. “That was just a lot of darkness I think everybody felt.”

Two beams from the nearly 1,400 foot building rest in Greenville.

Two decades of individuals not old enough to recall the events from 18 years ago.

One the reason we continue to pay tribute.

“It’s so important for our children to know what happened so that they know the history of our country and the things that happened to us along the way and the reason why we respect our freedom and fight for our freedom,” says Chase. “Because things like this can happen unknowingly and most anytime in the future.”

Seven years ago Greenville became one of 23 sites in Wisconsin to be granted the responsibility of displaying artifacts from the World Trade Center.

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