WISCONSIN, (WFRV) – The Greenville Fire Department and First Responders report it’s that time of year again for Black Bears roaming around aimlessly in Wisconsin. But what do you do when you see one? How should you react?

Local law enforcement posted on its Facebook the witty advice below, explaining what you should do if you spot a bear in your community –

When to call 911 >>

Usually, you shouldn’t call 911 when you see a bear, explained the department. However, there are some examples where you should.

The following are a few instances where you should call 911:

  • The bear has started a fire. “Smokey would be gravely disappointed,” stated the post.
  • It has caused or been involved in a crash. “Either as the driver or as a pedestrian,” explained the crew.
  • The bear seems to be having a medical emergency. “Seriously, they’ve been known to eat trash. That can’t be good for their cholesterol,” commented the department.
  • It is currently involved in a criminal act, like breaking and entering or robbery. “Unless it’s your bird feeder seed…they get a free pass on that one,” it said in the post.

If you do get the chance to call because of the last example, officials urge you to ask for the fire department to get paged out.

“What…someone has to be there to film the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office – Greenville Deputies attempt to cuff and stuff Yogi,” joked the post.

Black Bears are curious animals and food motivated. Consider moving bird feeders away from windows with a clear view of your TV playing Netflix or your kid’s endless YouTube videos.

Greenville Fire Department and First Responders

What to do if face-to-face with a Black Bear >>

The Greenville Fire Department gave the following tips when faced with a bear:

  • Do NOT immediately drop to the ground and ‘play dead.’ “Bears can sense overreacting,” it teased.
  • Do NOT run. Instead, you should hold your hands above your head and make loud noises. “Many people will be shrieking hysterically at this point so, to be honest, we’re not sure if this is correlation or causation,” explained the post.
  • Also, it’s frowned upon to push the bear or a friend. “Do not run up and push the bear and do not push a slower friend down … even if you feel the friendship has run its course.”
  • Slowly put distance between you and the bear. It may help “defuse the situation.”

In most cases, the department said climbing a tree is a poor decision.

“Bears can climb trees, especially if there is something up the tree that the bear wants. Also, when was the last time you climbed a tree?” the post pointed out.

In the end, it said to just give bears some space and enjoy your time in the wildlife.