GRESHAM, Wis. (WFRV) – After a large fire damaged their building, one local food pantry is continuing to serve. Volunteers supporting them say their community is a family, and that they must work together during challenging times. 

“Lions have a motto as we serve, and obviously the food pantry serves 81 families,” stated David Schoenike, Vice President of Gresham Lions.  

Flames destroyed Gresham’s “Flo’ing with Kindness” food pantry. Food items from the pantry are being stored at the Gresham Lions Club. Schoenike says once the organization was aware of the fire, he decided to act.  

“We heard about the fire, so myself and Bruce Vital approached Barb and said do you need any help and here we are. It’s the least we can do for what all they do for everybody.” 

“Flo’ing with Kindness” food pantry co-founder, Barb Mendoza, says the fire left her uncertain of her ability to serve.  

“We did not know what we were able to do, and what we could and could not do. Still, we were very lucky that our freezers and our refrigerators were not destroyed,” explained Mendoza. 

Volunteers from Gresham and surrounding areas are joining forces for the pantry’s recovery. Mendoza says she is thankful for the support. 

“It’s just wonderful to see everybody come together, even people from outside of Gresham came in to help us,” stated Mendoza. 

Schoenike says serving the community means everything to him and his organization.

“Everybody needs help every once in a while, some people more than others. I mean times are tough, if you can help I just figure you can help, it is important to help your community it is where it all starts.” 

The pantry will distribute food every third Thursday of the month from the Lion’s Club in Gresham.