GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – ‘How could you have possibly picked that guy?!’

All football fans have probably found themselves saying that as they followed their teams during the draft. One group of NFL super fans have taken matters into their own hands and for 25 years have made picks alongside the general managers.

“We would complain about why the GM didn’t do this, it’s not that hard of a pick so we said I know lets be a general manager and see how good we would do,” said Jeff Stoeberl.

Stoeberl’s group was at ‘The Bar on Holmgren Way’ on Friday night taking in every moment of the draft. Stoeberl brought his draft big board and spent the time crossing off players as they got picked with a Sharpie and then analyzing what he thought teams would do next.

The group also compares their picks to what actually happens and have a scoring system as they compete against each other as well.

Most of the group members are Packer fans, but one of the co-founders is a Chicago Bears fan. Stoeberl said the most important criterion to get into the group is you have to know your stuff about the draft.

The guys spend hours and hours researching each prospect to prepare for draft night.

“For me it’s an intellectual challenge seeing what GMs who know what they’re doing which is a shortage in Chicago put the pieces together and figuring out the logic of what they’re up to,” said Dan Kocher the Bears fan.

Stoeberl said his dad was a high school football coach and had season tickets to Badgers games which is how he initially got interested in football. Kocher is his father-in-law and Stoeberl said that although they root for different teams, they deeply respect each other as football fans.