GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) As Green Bay tries to move past our country’s latest mass shooting, witnesses closest to the scene recall those harrowing moments.

Tom Falcinelli was a witness and recalls, “Police cars are screaming towards here and I heard about 13 seconds of gunfire. It sounds like the Wild Wild West.”

As guests of the Oneida Casino pack up their belongings, crime scene tape is a reminder of the shooting near the Duck Creek Tavern Saturday night leaving three people dead and one in critical condition.

Ken Anderson, a witness says, “There were just people running around. There was one woman that was really scared. She jumped out of I think the bathroom window.”

Diana Anderson, a witness says, “It’s been surreal because like everybody else says you don’t think you’ll ever be a part of it and here I was a distant part of it.”

Falcinelli says, “Then the whole hotel seemed to empty out the front door here. People screaming yelling, crying. They said to call 911. So I told my partner who was driving the car. I said hey it’s time for us to get out of here.”

Even in this tragedy witnesses commend the bravery of those in blue.

Falcinelli says, “The police did one heck of a job taking care of this issue and everyone is running out of this hotel and the police in harm’s way are running in and they took care of the problem.”

The Brown County Sheriff’s Department is one of the lead agencies in this investigation and they have a press conference planned tomorrow.