APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Wisconsinites are facing a heatwave and those dealing with some of the worst of it are construction workers. Many are out at sites in the direct sunlight here for an entire eight-hour day.

“You just do it like everybody else does it. Drinking water. Doing what we can. Take a break once and a while,” explained Brock Verstegen, an Appleton Construction Worker. “The guys and pretty responsible if they don’t feel very good they say something.”

The workers we talked to said they do take steps to stay safe in this heat.

“Drink lots of water. Take a break if you gotta in the air conditioning if you got to I guess,” said Verstegen. “It’s never fun. It’s never a good time and when the heat index is above 100 it’s just like sweatin’ more than usual and I’m not a guy that drinks a lot of water but you would in this weather I suppose.”

Those we talked to said staying healthy and hydrated on days like these is a top priority.