NEW LONDON, Wis. (WFRV)- Clean up continues around Northeast Wisconsin after that powerful storm on Wednesday night. 

A Herculean effort from staff to clean up will allow the Shamrock Heights golf course in New London to reopen to golfers on Saturday.

“Heartwarming it’s amazing just how many people come out here bringing their chainsaws and four-wheelers to help us do everything,” said Carrie Kluge who is the owner of the golf course.

She checked on the course after the storm subsided and said there were 30-40 trees down all over the course and damage to the siding of the clubhouse.

By 5 a.m. that morning, she, her family, friends, and some of the regulars at the golf course were out there with chainsaws, tractors, and rakes to clean up the course. They’ve been working virtually nonstop since to get the course playable again.

Their goal was to be able to reopen by this weekend. According to their Facebook page, they accomplished that goal although their restaurant remains closed since the power is still out. They had to cancel their Friday night fish fry and the restaurant was also closed on Thursday.