(WFRV) – Wisconsin may not be the movie capital of the world, but that doesn’t mean the Badger State hasn’t been the backdrop for some successful films.

According to IMDb’s website, there are multiple movies that have been filmed in Wisconsin. From that list, Local 5 took the top ten highest-grossing films and provided some information on where the filming happened.

IMDb’s list does have some flaws, as some films are listed as being shot in Wisconsin even though they weren’t. For example, Minority Report lists a filming location on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington D.C. and is therefore placed under the Wisconsin list.

Also, this list does not include TV series. The list is sorted based on how much the film grossed.

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($352.39 million)

Milwaukee was one of the filming locations for this installment in the Transformers franchise. It was released in 2011 and currently has a 6.2 rating on IMDb. Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are among the stars in the film.

The movie is 154 minutes (about two and a half hours) long and is in the action, adventure and sci-fi categories. Transformers: Dark of the Moon was nominated for three Oscars.

2. Bridesmaids (I) ($169.11 million)

2011 must have been a busy time in Milwaukee for the film industry as Bridesmaids was also released that year and also filmed in Milwaukee. The address of 2501 South Kinnickinnic Avenue is listed as the filming location.

The film is rated R and is in the comedy and romance categories. Bridesmaids was nominated for two Oscars. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and Terry Crews highlighted the cast.

It has a 6.8 rating on IMDb.

3. Public Enemies ($97.10 million)

This film was shot in multiple locations in Wisconsin. Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Manitowish Waters and Beaver Dam were among the filming locations in Wisconsin. Public Enemies was released back in 2009.

Public Enemies was released in 2009 and is based around the Feds trying to take down John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd in the 1930s.

The film has a 7.0 rating on IMDb and is in the action, biography and crime categories. Public Enemies is rated R and includes stars like Christian Bale, Johnny Depp and Christian Stolte.

4. Back to School ($91.26 million)

Back to School was released back in 1986 and included stars like Rodney Dangerfield, Sally Kellerman and Burt Young. The University of Wisconsin-Madison was one of the main shooting locations.

The film is rated PG-13 and is in the comedy, romance and sport categories. It has a 6.6 rating on IMDb.

5. Contagion ($75.66 million)

This movie could be a bit of a reach if it was filmed in Wisconsin (at least based of IMDb’s website). It has Wisconsin listed as a shooting location as well as the Henry Ford Bridge which is supposed to represent the Wisconsin border bridge.

However, there is no Henry Ford Bridge in Illinois, at least according to Google. Contagion was released in 2011 and has a 6.8 score on IMDb. Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow headlined the stars of the film.

It is rated 6.8 on IMDb’s website and is in the drama and thriller categories.

6. Uncle Buck ($66.76 million)

Uncle Buck was released in 1989 and has a 7.1 rating on IMDb’s website. John Candy, Macaulay Culkin and Jean Louisa Kelly.

Lake Geneva was reportedly one of the shooting locations. Most of the other locations were shot in Illinois.

The film is rated PG and was just under two hours long. Uncle Buck is in the comedy category.

7. The Amityville Horror ($65.23 million)

Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George and Jimmy Bennett star in this horror film that was released in 2005. It is 90 minutes long and has a 5.9 rating on IMDb.

A majority of the filming happened in Salme Wisconsin as well as Silver Lake. The premise of the story is about newlyweds who are terrorized by demonic forces after they move into a large house that was the site of a mass murder.

8. The Blues Brothers ($57.23 million)

This film was released in 1980 and starred John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and John Candy. A bridge in Milwaukee was part of the film.

The Blues Brothers has a rating on IMDb of 7.9 and is over two hours long. The story takes place in Chicago.

9. Major League ($49.80 million)

Wisconsin’s own Bob Uecker starred in this film alongside Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger. The film is about a new owner of the Cleveland Indians and her plan to move the team.

Milwaukee’s old County Stadium as well as General Mitchell International Airport were featured in the film. Whitefish Bay was also reportedly used during the shooting of the film.

Major League has a 7.2 rating on IMDb and is in the comedy and sport comedy.

10. Super Speedway ($40 million)

This film/documentary was released in 1997 and followed the Newman-Haas (Andretti) racing team through the process of a racing season. Paul Newman and Jeff Andretti blended their voices.

Elkhart Lake was one of the filming locations. It is 50 minutes long and has a 7.1 rating on IMDb.

Other films that just missed out on the top ten were Mr. 3000 (#20), Chain Reaction (#22), F.I.S.T. (#24) and Super Size Me (#33). The full list can be viewed here.