BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Whether they are from a duck, chicken, organic, or commercially produced, the cost of eggs has increased significantly, with some places charging as high as $7.

Shoppers are not happy with the prices egg retailers have hatched up.

Green Bay native Marty Ochs was shopping at Woodman’s in Howard, and he plans to cut back on purchasing them, saying, “I don’t have a choice, I’ll pay the price, but I buy a dozen versus 16.”

Kellner Back Acre Garden in Denmark charges about $4 for a carton of chicken eggs, which depending on where you shop, is an inexpensive option.

Co-owner Nancy Kellner says increased prices may be because the price of gas has rose and an avian flu outbreak.

“The fuel costs, when our feed comes from 4 hours away, that went up quite a bit. The avian flu also has a factor in it, because it takes 6 months for chickens to get back up in production,” Kellner says.

While Woodman’s dairy manager Tim Bolssen also says avian flu is to blame, he predicts those inflated prices won’t stay that way for long.

Bolssen explains, “We are starting to see now that the demand is starting to drop down, so therefore, the egg companies are starting to get their inventories back up. We’re actually starting to see our egg prices starting to come down, and we’re hoping over the next month or so, that’ll continue to happen.”

In the meantime, if you want to save money on eggs, Bolssen suggests shopping for a locally-sourced product is the way to go.