ONEIDA, Wis. (WFRV) – The tornadoes that ripped through northeast Wisconsin knocked out power for thousands forcing them to rely on expensive gas to power their generators.

“It’s $20 every time I fill that can up so it’s $40 just to run the generator,” explained Charles Hunt, an Oneida resident.

That’s $40 a day for Hunt just to power the essentials in his house.

Hunt says that means, “Refrigerator, freezer and the [sump pump in the] basement to keep the basement from flooding.”

Hunt was not the only person who said without a generator their basement could become a total loss due to flooding.

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Deborah Heckel, another Oneida resident said, “Well if we didn’t have the generator then our basements gonna get water in it and there’s stuff on the floor and then that gets damaged so then you have a whole big mess of water damage.”

Each person Local 5 News talked to said they hope power is restored quickly so they do not have to continue to spend so much on gas.