LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WFRV) – High winds across northeast Wisconsin caused issues for locals and people passing through.

Bruce Jansen, the Founder of Citizens for an Odor Free Environment said, “Every time there’s a high wind trash blows out throughout the neighborhoods and we get it caught in our trees and in our bushes and we go around picking it all up when the winds all done.”

Jansen’s group aims to bring change to issues in the valley caused by the Outagamie County landfill. He said the county could do more to keep the trash in and pick up what escapes.

“It’s getting everywhere,” said Jansen. “It’s getting into our rivers and our lakes and it’s just littering everywhere and it looks terrible.”

These winds are also affecting truckers physically and mentally.

Chris McKinney, a cross-country long-haul truck driver said, “Terrible. Frustrating. Very tiring because we’re trying to have to steer into the wind.”

McKinney said it is up to the truck drivers whether to pull over during high winds and he had to just the other day.

“It got windy as I was coming up to Minneapolis through Iowa and it was just blowing me to the side and I up there in Albert Lea and nah it was just too much,” said McKinney.

He said this can be stressful for drivers trying to make a deadline but they have to put safety first. He tells us if you are going to pass a truck on a windy day do it quickly and give them as much room as possible in case a gust of wind pushes their rig into your lane.