GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Many are still talking about that Aaron Rodgers look-alike from Germany who wound up in the stands at Lambeau during a recent Sunday Night Football game.

Well, it turns out a Local 5 News viewer has a son who many say is also spot-on for the MVP.

So, I arranged to meet him Wednesday at Lambeau and see for myself.

His back was to me when I first caught up with him. But I could tell by the expressions from the people he passed that I had, indeed, found a homegrown Rodgers doppelganger.

“I was gonna have a heart attack,” said one smiling fan. “I thought for sure it was him!” declared another.

Unlike Sunday Night Football’s look-alike who lives in Germany, Josh Recha is a born and bred Packers fan and facilities manager from Weyauwega.

He says the comparisons to Rodgers have been going on ever since the quarterback arrived in Green Bay nearly 20 years ago.

“We grew up together over the years,” joked Recha.

Some folks were excited because they thought the guy from Germany was back. Even when Browns fans knew he was a fake, they still did some real trash talking.

“I hope he knows he’s gonna get his butt whipped!” said one fan who was having lunch at the 1919 Restaurant.

“Not by Cleveland,” responded Recha who posed for photos and gave out plenty of high fives.

“It just lightens everybody’s mood,” explained Recha. “It’s a lot of fun. Puts smiles on faces. Especially this time of year, it’s needed.”

His family was in toe. They enjoy the camaraderie as much as Josh.

“Josh is really personable,” explained wife Brenda. “It just starts some really good conversations about the Packers and quite honestly you end up meeting some new friends.”

But the true test came when we stumbled upon some team seamstresses.

“Pretty darn close,” said one of them.

Turns out, he measures up.

Josh says it is a double-edged dagger. He’ll take some heat when Rodgers misses. But he gets a free drink whenever he’s out and Rodgers scores.