Hortonia citizens hold rally objecting to proposed juvenile youth facility in town

Local News


Dozens came out to a rally at the Hortonia Town Hall Saturday morning to address the state government’s decision to build a youth detention center in the town.

State government officials have said Hortonia was selected as the new location for the forthcoming facility due to its close proximity to families with youths who are in Department of Corrections custody.

At Saturday’s rally, community spokesperson Tim Manion said the town’s citizens are “overwhelmingly against” the new facility, citing economic, environmental, and safety concerns.

“What we hope to expect from this rally is continued support from the community, and lending an ear to those who are in charge and making decisions on where the future D.O.C. juvenile facilites will be located,” Manion said.

Manion told Local 5 that town spokespeople had not been in communication with the DOC recently. He also said he doesn’t dispute that the facility should be built, just that Hortonia is not the right location for it.

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