DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – It might sound funny at first. A seven-foot-tall hot pink lawn ornament in the shape of “Big Foot” went missing from the front yard of the Fancy Treasures consignment shop.

But this was a fundraiser for cancer patients. And it was stolen from a cancer patient herself.

“A little tear came to my eye,” shop owner Sally Kiefer told Local 5 News. “Of all the things you could take!”

Sally’s shop is known for its eclectic collection. The large sasquatch lawn ornaments were especially popular.

When her buddy learned of her breast cancer diagnosis, he made a bright pink version with the breast cancer awareness logo.

“We gave her a name. We call her Stella,” Sally revealed.

They also decided to donate $25 from each sale of the ornaments to go into a kitty where other cancer patients in the community could find support for miscellaneous expenses.

“We’re going to find somebody who is maybe in stage three cancer and has chemo,” explained Sally. “Maybe if she can afford her brown wig, we could now provide her money to buy a blonde wig. Just put some fun in a not-fun moment.”

Sally immediately took to social media to get the word out about the fundraiser through custom-made pink yetis, and then the prototype, Stella, went missing.

The same buddy who made her the original put together a replacement within a day.

Sally says she will secure it to the ground better. But really would like to have Stella back.

“Whoever has Stella, I’m not mad at you,” Sally declared. “She’s really cute, and I know she’s special. But she means a lot to Fancy Treasures, and she will do a lot for people in the community who are down on their luck. So, let us help people and help me by bringing her back.”

Sally is asking for Stella to be returned before her breast cancer surgery on Monday, so she can focus on her recovery.

Fancy Treasures is located at 307 Reid Street, next to the Abbey Bar and St. Norbert College Campus.