SEYMOUR, Wis. (WFRV) – Hotel Seymour may have gotten the spotlight when Local 5 dished on it back in June, but now it is getting a chance to shine on another show.

The web series America’s Best Restaurants will have an episode featuring the supper club as a part of their ABR Road Show.

The owner’s son and head chef, Brady Jackson, says, “A little supper club in Seymour that not a lot of people have heard of is getting a lot of recognition lately, and it’s pretty awesome.”

The 20-minute episode will feature staff interviews, behind-the-scenes kitchen footage, and a look at what has made the club a staple for generations.

ABR show host Danyel Detomo says, “There’s a lot of history to this place, and I think that’s always so interesting to hear the history of a spot like this.”

The episode will air in 7-9 weeks and will be available on all ABR’s social media accounts as well as the Hotel Seymour Facebook page.